Valley Catholic plants some holiday cheer!

Students from Erin Cole’s Environmental Science class at Valley Catholic became well-aquainted with a few of Green Team staff’s best friends… our state tree Douglas Fir and Grand Fir!  Students were planting these species in an area that was once dominated by Armenian Blackberry.  These newly planted native trees (in addition to the other natives we will plant later) will provide better shade, root structure, pollution filtration and habitat than the invasive blackberry ever could.  These students have really begun to transform the forest this year!

Pseudotsuga menziesii (aka Doug Fir) and Abies grandis (aka Grand Fir) are common trees to Pacific Northwest Forests and they are also well-known common Christmas trees.  One thing you can do to make this holiday season even greener?  Buy a living Christmas tree from Bosky Dell Native Plant Nursery!  After the holiday season is over your tree can live on in a forest near you!

Living Christmas Tree!


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