Aloha High School Braves the Cold

It was a crisp, December morning and winter felt upon us…but that didn’t stop Aloha High School from coming out to restore Butternut Creek!  Students shivered over from their school to our site and we reviewed the concepts of our watershed.  We talked about the monoculture Armenian Blackberry creates and how we plant native trees and shrubs to stabilize our banks and increase biodiversity.

We talked briefly about the work the students have been doing in the swale behind their school and how they are in need of beaver cages to keep their native trees and shrubs safe!  Some students assembled tons of beaver cages while some opted to save our plantings from Armenian Blackberry.  The whole class worked diligently despite the cold and got a lot of work done!

A very chilly Butternut Creek thanks you, Aloha High School!

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