Springdale Job Corps Protects Beaver Creek

Friday morning, a group of 5 very hard-working women from the Springdale Job Corps came out to volunteer at Beaver Creek. There has been a lot of work going on at this site, and we have gotten a lot of plants in the ground with previous community groups and volunteers, but there is still much to be done. Beaver Creek is very aptly named and there is a very healthy beaver population residing there. One of a beaver’s favorite snacks is young saplings, like the ones we have been planting. While we are excited that there are so many beavers at the site (they add large woody debris to streams and complexity to the stream bed), we want to encourage them to find other sources of food rather than the young trees and shrubs volunteers have spent so much time planting. That’s where the hard-working ladies from Springdale Job Corps came in. They spent a couple of hours Friday morning unrolling, bending, and cutting wire fencing to create over 50 cages that we can put around the saplings to protect them from beavers until they grow big enough to withstand a little beaver gnawing.

Thanks so much Springdale Job Corps! SOLV and new arrivals at Beaver Creek thank you for helping protect them!

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