Timberlake Job Corps: Getting Things Done at Currin Creek

Last Thursday was another beautiful day here in the Portland area. And out in Estacada, at Currin Creek, it became even more beautiful because of the Timberlake Job Corps, when about 12 volunteers from the Job Corps came out to help plant the very degraded Currin Creek.

The section of Currin Creek they were working on is in need of much help and TLC ever since it had been rerouted for construction purposes. When it was rerouted, no effort was made to make any healthy riparian zone. With no vegetation or tall trees to hold onto the soil, in a matter of a few years, a small canyon taller than a man had been carved out of the soft clay of the new stream bank. In the past few years SOLV and community partners came in to improve this system by using an earthmover to make the banks more gradual and to begin planting native trees and shrubs to encourage a healthy riparian zone to grow and flourish.

The crew from the Timberlake Job Corps then came in to help us plant some much needed plants in a bare section of the bank. Despite thick mud, slippery clay, and some steep banks, we got a ton of work done, getting nearly 300 plants into the ground, quite a feat! Thanks guys!

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