Re-leafing Willow Creek

Once upon a week ago, Willow Creek slowed flowed along and wondered… where are all of my dear friends from Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School?  The creek then remembered they were helping out her friend, The Sandy River, by tossing salmon carcasses way up-stream to help cycle nutrients.  Willow Creek patiently waited.. and alas!  Today Rachel Carson friends were back and ready to restore!  Man, was WIllow Creek re-leafed!

Students planted Ocean Spray, Ninebark, Elderberry, Douglas Spirea, and Nootka Rose along the stream bank to stabilize the soil to prevent erosion.  We also hope that some of these trees will grow nice and tall and shade out all that darn Reed Canary Grass!

Students also learned the wonders of ethnobotany with Charlie (SOLV).  Students went on a short plant ID walk, talked about distinctive characteristics of each species, and then learned how people have used these plants in their diets and medicines throughout history.

Students also tested the quality of the water and found a baby fish!  We are hopeful the quality of the water is getting better in Willow Creek and creating better habitat for all species that call it home.

We will be anxious to get back to Willow Creek in the new year and wish it a happy new year in the meantime!

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