Reflections on the river

During our salmon tosses this year, Green Team staff had students take a moment and really reflect on their experience.  Students were given the two writing prompts below.  Here are two creative reflections that will be submitted to Honoring Our River.
1.  From the salmon’s point of view… Describe your journey upstream.
What are some barriers or challenges you face?
It Is Time
I am small
Tightly packed in a pomegranate red sphere
It is time
Everything is big and cold
So hungry
I eat in a crazed manner
Growing, growing
A notion, an urging comes to my mind
It is time
Current batters me as I swim
The goal ahead seems far away
Waterfalls loom ahead and I jump
Toiling again and again
Suddenly the current stops
It is time
Exploring the ocean
A great watery expanse of life
Full of relatives
Fish of every kind!
No time to talk
It is time
-7th grade student, Portland Lutheran School

2.   You are a salmon real estate agent.  Write an ad for the stream we
were at yesterday.  What makes that stream pristine, healthy and desirable
for other salmon to move there?

Moving to the Clackamas
All other fish quiver,
When they hear about the Clackamas River.
With water so cold, and nutrients galore,
What better place for your eggs to store?
The water is covered with shade,
So your eggs will have it made.
The setting so beautiful and bright,
You know everything will be all right.
So swim upriver today,
And rejoice, because you’re on your way.
-12th grade student, Clackamas High School

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