Our Apologies to Clement Moore

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Twas the week before Christmas Break, and all across the creek                                       All the creatures were stirring, both the strong and the weak.                                              To fly south, the last goose no longer could wait,                                                               And the rough skinned newts prepared to brumate.

But the water that flowed was loaded with dirt                                                                   And the fish in the water felt the warm water hurt.                                                              The birds in the woods looked at brambles with dread,                                                   While visions of tall trees danced through their head.

When out in the riparian zone, there rose such a clatter,                                                    The robins flew up to see what was the matter!                                                                 And what to their shiny black eyes did appear,                                                                West Linn students in boots and rain gear!    

With tools in their hands they started to speak:                                                             “We’re here to improve Abernethy Creek!                                                                      We’re sorry you’re neglected and haven’t seen love.”                                                       And they picked up their tools and put on some gloves.

 Three days in a row they worked hard on the stream bank                                              Even the squirrels were impressed; they heard no complaint                                      Despite that the students got covered in mud,                                                                  They continued their work with a fire in their blood.

 The first day they finished a project long term                                                                     To slope out a bank section, that was a steep berm                                                         They tugged and removed some old erosion fencing                                                           As the sweat on their foreheads was condensing

 They cut and inserted stakes of willow                                                                         Whose roots would prevent soil from eroding below                                                     (These trees are unique in that way you know,                                                                 Stick a live branch in the ground and a new tree will grow!)

 While working hard in the mud, one could hear                                                               Their fearless teacher’s voice come out clear:                                                                  “Hey Sarah, hey Kevin, hey Ashley, hey Nate!                                                            Hammer in those willows, there’s a lot at STAKE”

 The next two days the students began planting,                                                               And as they continued the place looked enchanting                                                            All these small trees in the ground with so much potential,                                                 But for the health of the stream this work was essential.

 Next job was to put the plants to bed for the year                                                             And they surrounded them with coffee bags which at first may seem queer,                   And why would we place out these bags you may ask?                                                      To protect them from monsters like reed canary grass   

On the final day, as they finished their job,                                                                             A calm relieved silence came out of the fog                                                                     From the stream they could hear as they packed up the last rake,                               Happy holidays to all, and to all a good break!

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