Our New Plants are Not Snacks!


While we hope that one day our new plantings will grow big and tall and provide all sorts of wildlife with food, we can’t let them be eaten before then!  Our new Ash, Willow, Dogwood, and Cottonwood plantings at Council Creek are still very small and immature.  Until they can stand the insult of some rodent chew later in their life, it is our job to protect them!

And protect them we did!  We had an awesome group from Roots & Shoots step up to the challenge for a very productive Green Team event on Tuesday.  Students and parents placed coffee bags near our new plantings to prevent Reed Canary Grass from growing in right next to our plants and then caged them with hand-made rodent cages.

We also took the time to remember that while rodents and other wildlife enjoy our plants, people have found many ways to enjoy our plants for food and medicine too!  We played an enthnobotany game and learned about how American Indians have used Spirea, Ash, Black Hawthorne, and many more plants for all sorts of uses.

We ended the day with a winter treat of hot cholocate and tea and wished each other well for the holidays!! Great work, Roots & Shoots!!

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