Reflections on 2011

With New Year’s day just around the corner, Green Team staff have been reflecting on a great 2011.  This fall Green Team students planted an impressive 4,723 native plants and removed 9,000 pounds of invasive species! Thank you students!

Here are some wonderful student reflections on their restoration projects in 2011 (these are the reasons why we are doing Green Team!!)

“I’ve become more heavily involved in restoration work and other projects locally. I have a whole new awareness and study to devote myself to. I now wish to combine my knowledge/curiousity of government, public policy and social media with an environmental policy major in college.” – Senior, West Linn High School

“I’m more aware of restoration and it made me realize that I can do something, even a small something, to help my community.” – Senior, Reynolds High School

“I now know, after working on this project that I want to work close to nature in my future career.” – Senior, Aloha High School

“I realized that only a small group of people can make a huge difference if we work toward a common goal” – Eighth grader, Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School

“We’ve really changed this place from when I first came here. I’m proud to know I was a part of this and I’ve learned to have fun in nature.”  – Eighth grader, Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School

“Seeing invasive species in real life (not by some picture or projector on the internet in a classroom) made me see just how they’re affecting our community.” – Senior, Aloha High School

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