Making the Biggest Difference at Rinearson Creek

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We were all still adjusting back to our school sleep schedule after the holiday break, the weather was quite cold, and the slope was quite steep, but that didn’t stop Gladstone High School from bringing their courage, positivity, and hard work to Rinearson Creek.  The Armenian Blackberry was threatening our native trees and shrubs so we geared up and attacked!  We raked, cut, and shoveled blackberry out of our restoration site!  We uncovered a part of the slope Rinearson Creek has not seen in quite some time!  Students asked each other and SOLV staff about the names and habits of some of the plants out at our site, learning our allies and enemies.  A student even asked, rake in hand, “Where can I go to make the biggest difference?”  Students did all they could to make Rinearson Creek look more like it did originally.  Victory for Gladstone High School and the native trees and shrubs!

But wait! It doesn’t end there… Students understood the real imminent threat Armenian Blackberry poses on our site so we decided to place coffee bags next to our native trees and shrubs.  This will keep invasives from growing right next to our plantings and will help our natives gain the most rain and sunlight they can.  Another victory for Gladstone High School and the native trees and shrubs!

All in all, it was a very successful, positive, and impressive day at Rinearson Creek.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Gladstone!  You are making the biggest difference every time you visit Rinearson Creek.

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