King Elementary Stakes Responsibility for Healthy Streams

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This Friday, the 13th, Abernethy Creek was very lucky as King Elementary’s Green Team decided to come out and help restore the stream. On this grey January afternoon, these eager students came out to the site to plant some trees. Gavin, a volunteer from Gladstone High School, showed the group that some riparian trees and shrubs can be propigated and planted by simply cutting a fresh branch off a mature tree, and sticking it in the ground. So this day, the task was to mallet over 100 stakes, made from freshly harvested willow branches, into the bare soil along Abernethy Creek. These willow stakes will immediately put out a nice network of roots which will really grip that soil and prevent sediment from washing into the stream. They will also grow nice and tall, providing that nice cool shade for the creek. The King Elementary students got right to work, along with the help from some other volunteers from Clackamas High School, and were able to get all of the stakes in, and then some! In a short time, Abernethy should have a nice new grove of healthy willow trees thanks to the hard work of these hardworking kids!

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