SOLVE’s New Look

Did you notice the E?

We are unveiling a new logo that more accurately reflects the work of the organization – the active participation of volunteers choosing to SOLVE environmental challenges in our communities.  This active movement to work together proactively more genuinely reflects the eager, positive, and productive attitude of all of our Green Teams throughout the Portland Metro area.

SOLV used to stand for Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism when we first began in 1969.  As the organization grew, we began expanding to improve the environment in more ways.  Since, we have created many programs, such as Green Team, to bring Oregonians together to create a legacy of stewardship and improve the environment.  SOLV then unofficially stood for Sustaining Oregon’s Legacy through Volunteerism… and even more unofficially stood for Super Oregonians Love Volunteering.  Needless to say, we were without a name that effectively captured the incredible work of our volunteers.

SOLVE with an E aims to put the emphasis on the active work we do every day to come together and make Oregon more beautiful and healthy.  It more comprehensively reflects the optimism, hope, and dedication of all of our programs, especially Green Team.

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