Planting, Pets, and Poems

It has been quite some time since Nootka Rose, Douglas Spirea, Sword Fern, Snow Berry, and Big Leaf Maples have called our restoration site at Rinearson Creek home but as soon as students arrived from Gladstone High School, it was obvious some big changes were in the air.  Our slope was about to become much more stabilized with a diversity of root levels and Rinearson Creek was about to be introduced to plants that will one day shade it and keep it cool and healthier.

Students spent their morning not only carefully planting these native trees and shrubs on the slope, but reflecting on their experiences in nature and specifically their time at Rinearson.  Meanwhile, they even helped find an adorable missing dog and reunite him with his owner.  Students reflected on the things in nature they refuse to see their society destroy in their lifetime and experiences where they have felt connected to the earth or water.

It is always incredibly humbling working with the optimistic, selfless, and dedicated students Gladstone High School seems to be filled with, but we were even more blown away when we read their reflections.  Thank you so much, Gladstone, for all of your diligence, thought, and hope always!

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