Honoring Our Rivers

Reflection by Gabrielle, Grade 7 Rock Creek Middle School

Inspired by any of the rivers and streams in the Willamette watershed? Submit any written or drawn inspirations and maybe even see it published in Honoring Our Rivers, an anthology of student work from K-College. Today is your last day for submissions! Go here for more information.
We have been encouraging our students to take a break from their amazing hard work and reflect on their experiences at the sites. We have submitted a lot of the amazing work that they produced! The following are some of our favorite poems we’ve sent in, especially relating to Green Team and the work we do:
I am in nature
I am a line of water
Keep me very clean
~Sona, Grade 5, Forest Park Elementary School
Pulling and planting
We will conquer invasives
Rinearson will bloom
-Jamie, Grade 10, Gladstone High School
Help me clean the creek
And for all the plants to drink
And for the green grass
~Elizabeth, grade 7, Rock Creek Middle School
“Invasives!” We yell
As we charge the blackberries
Native trees will grow
Slashing and pulling
We conquer the invasives
And restore natives
Ferns and snowberries
Sit in the black pots, waiting,
SOLV will plant them all
~Rosyln, Grade 11, Gladstone High School

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