A Restoration Marathon

The sun was out and the race was on.  Gladstone High School did just about every type of restoration possible at Rinearson Creek on Monday.

Students began with bioengineering.  We learned that a live cutting of a willow or dogwood branch can be put into the ground to make a whole new tree.  We cut down the branches previously harvested into stakes and installed them in our Reed Canary Grass dominated wetland.

We used the smaller branches we couldn’t use for stakes to make bundles out of.  We tied the bundles up with twine and left them for the next class to install in a trench.

The second class installed more cuttings, adding Douglas Spirea to the mix.  They made more bundles for future endeavors in trenching.  Students dug the trench, wove our bundles together, installed stakes on the small slopes of the trench and then filled it back up.  With a dynamic network of roots, those willow and dogwood will hopefully grow tall to shade Rinearson Creek.

Students also opted to rid the section of Rinearson Creek from the ugly patch of Armenian Blackberry it used to wear.  They did this is record speed.  SOLVE staff looked up and saw the blackberry and literally 10 minutes later it was gone.  Students definitely brought their energy, dedication, and hard work to the creek.

After all of that, we even cleaned up trash along Rinearson Creek.  Students found all sorts of trash that may have ended up downstream or in our ocean.

Thank you, Gladstone High School for your energy and eagerness all throughout our marathon of restoration!

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