Rock Creek Middle School: Planting and Protecting Natives

On Monday, while most students might be groggily trying to readjust to the school day schedule from the weekend, our Rock Creek Middle School Green Team students had the opportunity to wake up in the beautiful February sunshine (something seems wrong with that last sentence…) Not to mention, they also got some great work done in their community.

When they arrived to the site, the enthusiastic students got right to work. While some students learned how to plant native riparian and wetland plants along the stream and began putting them in the ground, others were helping maintain the already planted plants by placing coffee bags around them. These coffee bags are biodegradable sacks that were used to transport raw coffee beans that were donated by coffee roasters for this cause. When placed around a plant, they will suppress invasive species from growing right next to these young natives and prevent them from stealing resources such as water, sunlight, and nutrients. Overall, nearly 40 plants were planted and many more were protected with coffee bags, an impressive feat for their brief visit to the site.

Thanks to these kids, Rock Creek is already looking more beautiful with the prospect of a healthy riparian zone!

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