Timber Lake Job Corps Bundles Up in February

Last Thursday, the amazing Green Team from the Timber Lake Job Corps went to work at our Currin Creek site in Estacata. Currin Creek had been rerouted several years ago, but without a stable riparian community of native plants, the stream has been quickly eroding, warming up, and has become generally unhealthy. Timber Lake Job Corps, SOLVE, and other community partners are working together to improve this stream, and recreate that riparian zone of trees and shrubs that should naturally be there.

First, the Job Corps Students helped us harvest cottonwood and other branches, which they cut and tied into bundles with fresh willow and spirea cuttings. These bundles will be placed as living dams along this intermittent stream (a stream that isn’t running above ground year round) to slow down the water and catch sediment. The fresh cuttings in the bundles will also take root, providing much-needed root stability along the bank, shade to keep the water cool, and a habitat for local wildlife. After creating the bundles, students got right to work planting new trees and shrubs to further build up that bank side community Currin Creek really needs.

These guys got a ton of work done in their 4 hours at the site, and we look forward to working with them next time when we will be placing those bundles in the stream.

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