Forest Park Elementary exceeds planting expectations!

Written by guest blogger, Chole, Green Team intern from Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School:

On Thursday afternoon, the clomping sound of boots belonging to Green Team members could be heard echoing down the hill from Forest Park Elementary School. After reaching the bottom of the trail the kids were excited to see all the shrubs and trees that were laid out waiting to be planted.

After a brief demonstration from Gina and Chloe (also known as Rachel) everyone rushed off to begin planting Red Alder, Nootka Rose and Red Osier Dogwood.

Forest Park Elementary also developed a new way of removing potting soil from the small plants. As far as the eye could see kids smashed the plants against large trees until their roots were free from all the potting soil. The kids were very fast planters and got through the 70 plants that were set out for them. In the end parents and students planted over 130 trees and shrubs! This group of elementary schoolers is only the second group of kids that age to do restoration with SOLVE, but they work just as hard as any older group. We are all very impressed with their efforts and all the kids can’t wait to get back and do it again!

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