Maintaining McKay Creek

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Glencoe High School Green Team has removed about 3,000 pounds of Armenian Blackberry and planted 700 native trees and shrubs just this school year. The transformation of our site behind Glencoe High School has been one of astronomical measures. People walking the track from the community, students of Glencoe High School, and surely all of the wildlife a the site have taken an interest in the incredible work that has been accomplished.

Students made an effort to ensure our new plantings would survive by placing reused coffee bags made out of a natural grass called jute next to each tree or shrub. This will give our plants the head start they need to grow taller than any invasive species that may try to move in. Next, we poured buckets of mulch in a circle around our plants to help them retain moisture more effectively. Even though its hard to imagine dry, sunny days in the middle of this rainy week, they will come eventually. When they do, the mulch will keep the plant well hydrated.

We decided to take our Green Team activities inside for the end of the class period to do some reflecting on all of the work we have done. Students wrote about significant experiences they’ve had in nature through stories and poetry. Students have the opportunity to submit their work to an annual anthology entitled Honoring Our Rivers (


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