Rachel Carson Green Team: Planting, Plastics, and pH

We had another great day this Wednesday with our Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School Green Team out at Willow Creek!

The students split up into three teams and each took turns completing different tasks around the site. One task was to plant trees and shrubs in an area that is primarily covered with the very invasive reed canary grass. They got a very impressive number of over 60 plants in the ground, many of which were in very sloppy and muddy soil that is very difficult to dig in. Another task was to do another test of the water quality of Willow Creek. Students have gotten so good at this that they all did it completely independently without any help from teachers! The third activity that students did was have a conversation about litter, where it goes when it washes downstream, and about how our society’s use of plastic products is affecting the planet, specifically our oceans. Students had a lot of questions, and we had some really good discussions. After the conversation, we had a short trash pick-up at the site and began preparing the litter for an art project. We are excited to see what comes of it!

We always love working with Rachel Carson students out at Willow Creek, their curiosity and insight for the work we are doing is really inspiring!

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