Timber Lake Job Corps Working Hard at Currin Once Again

Volunteers from Timber Lake Job Corps came out to Currin Creek in Estacata again this week to continue the amazing amount of work they’ve been doing on this site. Despite the dreary weather, quicksand-like muddy banks, and nasty invasive species, the students completed another great day of work.

Currin Creek is our infamous site in which we are essentially building up a riparian zone from scratch. This creek was rerouted through an open field for construction purposes, and therefore has no appropriate trees or shrubs growing near it. It is in dire need of this stable riparian plant community on its banks otherwise it faces a miserable future of extreme erosion, loading the stream with large quantities of sediment, warm water, and very little wildlife. In less than two hours the 11 Job Corps students planted nearly 200 plants along the banks of the stream. Then they put their energies toward digging up the roots of a particularly thick patch of blackberry brambles which they also accomplished in record time. They even had some time to spare to dig out some scotch broom that has been slowly creeping back on this site.

We love working the the Job Corps at this site, and really appreciate all of their hard work, stamina, and sense of humor at the site.

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