Oregon City Service Learning Academy Works Hard at Abernethy

Students from Oregon City Service Learning Academy concluded their week last Friday afternoon by coming out to Abernethy Creek and helping to continue to nurture this site back from its degraded, eroding state. While one group of students finished up planting the last few plants that needed planting at this site this year, another group got to work mulching plants they had planted and coffee-bagged earlier in the year. Mulching requires dumping an entire 5 gallon of mulch in a ring around each plant to help suppress weeds from growing right next to the plants, as well as keeping in moisture in the dryer summertime. We want to take this time to really thank the OCSLA students with their help with the mulching of the plants. Because the ground was so saturated, the mulch delivery had to be made over 200 yards from the plants that needed mulch. This meant that each 5 gallon bucket had to be hand carried this distance to each plant: a very impressive feat. This was some of the hardest work a Green Team has ever done at one of our sites, and they all did it in good spirits! We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to this site, you guys definitely earned your week-end!

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