Rachel Carson is (Wintery) Mixing it Up

This Wednesday, the ever chipper and hardworking Green Team from Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School came out their much-loved site at Willow Creek on one of the coldest days we’ve had out on a site this year. With spring just a few days ahead of us, planting season is nearly over and we had about 100 plants and trees that still needed a permanent home along Willow Creek. Despite the weather’s indecision to have it rain or snow on us, and the blustery wind whistling around last year’s beaver cages, these students got everything planted!

Students also had a little time to take some respite from the falling slushee to discuss a way we could recycle all the litter students have collected over the past two months at Willow Creek Рby creating some educational art!  Students first learned about how litter that ends up in streams usually finds its way into the ocean, contributing to large garbage patches or gyres hundreds of miles wide and causing all sorts of havoc on wildlife. They then spent some time brainstorming some possible ideas for what the artwork could look like. Students are especially excited at the prospect of spreading awareness of all the litter that washes through our local water ways. We look forward to what you guys come up with!

Thanks for all your hard work and your ever infectious enthusiasm!

This project is funded by Clean Water Services.

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