Valley Catholic Middle Clears the Way

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Valley Catholic Middle School made a visit out to Johnson Creek just recently. They have heard the high schoolers have been working on the site since they had been out there last and wanted to see how things have changed. We were surely surprised! Lots more plants were in the ground than before!

…But this meant that our incredible skills at removing Armenian Blackberry were needed all the more. We wanted to be sure to clear that blackberry away so it does not take space and nutrients away from our native trees and shrubs. And we surely showed our skills again! We removed a patch of blackberry that will allow us to extend our planting area further. With native trees and shrubs growing in place of invasive, Armenian Blackberry our banks will be stablized with a diversity of root levels, rather than a monoculture of root levels. Also, pollutants and toxins will be filtered through native trees and shrubs and provide habitat to native animals. Whats more! The dead, brush piles of blackberry stalks we have created will be prime habitat for our friends, the Rough Skinned Newts! We can’t wait to visit Johnson Creek again and be impressed yet again by all of the changes Valley Catholic students are making.

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