Restoring Watersheds Around the World

Its inspiring enough to see students stewarding the stream behind their school, taking care of their own watershed, but to see students team up with more students from half way across the world, to share that challenge and hope is a whole other story. Valley Catholic High School students and Korean Exchange students through Marylhurst University worked to plant around 200 native trees and shrubs along Johnson Creek. VCHS students told the Korean Exchange students about the project and their commitment. We shared how we have been restoring Johnson Creek for ten years, removing invasive species like Armenain Blackberry, planting native trees and shrubs to stablize our stream bank, grow tall to shade the creek to create a cooler and more oxygen-rich stream, and much more. Valley Catholic High School students paired up with the Korean Exchange Students to plant native roses, Nine Bark, Oregon Ash, Ocean Spray, Oregon Grape, and more. Korean Exchange Students had a chance to practice their English language skills and hear about the High School experience in the United States. All in all, it was an inspirationally international day at Johnson Creek!

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