Stampede at Cedar Mill Creek!


The stampede of Forest Park Elementary school’s green team could be heard from all around, even scaring some of the areas residents (a few deer that were walking across the stream scoping out the most delicious yards). Everyone was so excited to get working on planting some more native species.  They were so excited that “Where are the shovels?” was the most common question throughout the whole planting time. The students worked hard on Thursday, going through plant after plant, even after a few fell into the mud.  One student called it “his gift to Mother Earth”.

We even found an Ensatina Salamander in the mud as we were planting! We got to hold him for a short bit and then made sure to put him back in a safe spot to keep him healthy and protected!

These kids are so motivated to help the environment, and it’s really inspiring. All of their efforts really paid off and everyone was ecstatic that they had planted over 100 plants! Great job guys!

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