Timber Lake Job Corps: Restoration Superheroes

This Thursday, Timber Lake Job Corps was awesome, Timber Lake is awesome. The remarkable amount of work, the quality of work, and the positive attitude of the students that they consistently bring out to our restoration sites never cease to impress us. This week, the Job Corps took a break from Currin Creek in Estacata and helped us out in Clackamas area. The first stop was Phillips Creek where they planted and mulched over 200 plants as well as made fresh willow stakes that will grow into new trees and removed some patches of invasive plants, all in 2 hours! This area of the creek was recently very disturbed and a complete overhaul was badly needed with lots of native plants, good thing we called in the Job Corps! Now with all of its newly planted native species, Phillips Creek never looked better. Despite the fact that they worked so hard at Phillips Creek, they were still eager to get more work done so they headed over to Rock Creek in Happy Valley to finish up planting and mulching 100 more plants, this time in a spring rainstorm! When we got back to the office, nobody believed the amount of work they got done. No words can adequately express our deep gratitude and fortune for being able to work with such a great group, and our watersheds were significantly improved because of the work they did this week. We certainly look forward to working with them soon!

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