Tractors, Tracks, Trash and Trees!

Checking out some Salmonberry and Stinging Nettle at Rock Creek

The hardworking and enthusiastic students of Sabin-Schellenberg School joined us once again at Rock Creek yesterday.  They came armed for a blackberry battle with a new tool – a tractor to mow!

We cannot use tractors to mow down Armenian Blackberry at very many sites.  This is because many times there are native trees and shrubs hidden in the blackberry so removal takes a much more delicate approach.  Or because we do not want to disturb the soil along sensitive stream banks.  However, there is a large monoculture of over our heads blackberry on a terrace up away from the stream where we can just go to town mowing with a tractor!

Students also helped us finish up our tree planting for the season by planting over 80 natives.  We only plant during the rainy season so our plants have the best chance of survival so we are very appreciative to the students for helping us finish up before the sunny months hit us.

We then took a break to explore the stream, find some wildlife tracks to make castings and lastly cleaned up some litter on site!

Thank you Sabin-Schellenberg!

Thank you Clackamas County Water Environment Services for funding this project!

This land is owned by Clackamas County Service District #1.

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