Sow Many Bugs!

Resources for Health Roots and Shoots came out to survey the macroinvertebrate population of Council Creek last week. We used a kick net to try to find bugs in the parts of the stream we could easily get to the bottom of. We put the bugs in a bucket and distributed them into white tubs for each of us to examine and identify. While we didn’t find much of a variety of bugs, we did find our share of sow bugs and really neat Case Maker Caddisflies which made their own organic shells out of Reed Canary Grass and other leaves.

Next, we uncovered and opened our leaf packs to see what had settled in. Yep…you guessed it, more sow bugs. Sow bugs are unfortunately not an indicator of especially good water quality. The absence of many other types of macroinvertebrates and the presence of so many sow bugs gave all of us pretty low Pollution Tolerance Indices. While we are at the tail end of winter, and may not have our largest population of macroinvertebrates in the stream yet, this information is still telling regarding the water quality of Council Creek.

Lastly, we took a gander at the creek through a brand new lens! We used our Aqua Viewer for the first time and got to see the rocks on the bottom of the stream perfectly, without a glare. It was neat to get to see what happens somewhere we usually cannot see!

We even saw some raccoon tracks out in the field while tromping around!

Hopefully with all of our new plants and efforts to keep them healthy and un-chewed by rodents, our stream quality will increase soon! It was interesting to get to see what lives in our stream. Thanks, Roots & Shoots for surveying the creek for us!

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