Thank you very mulch, Forest Park Elementary School!

It was no clear and sunny day when Forest Park hustled down the hill to greet Cedar Mill Creek. It was one of the rainiest days this springtime, in fact! But that didn’t stop our students from doing an awesome job of completing our restoration task at hand.

We had mulch in piles ready for students to place around all of the native trees and shrubs we have planted. Students filled buckets, pots, and even a wheelbarrow full of mulch to give each plant. This mulch will help keep the plants healthy in the warm, dry summer months when there is not so much rain. It will also help with weed suppression and give the plants some good nutrients.

After students mulched as many plants as they could, we were pretty darn wet and cold so we headed back in to see what other Green Team activity awaited us. Students made posters to educate fellow students, parents, teachers, and faculty about not idling your car, planting native trees and shrubs, composting, and more! Students wrote great short poems, phrases, and suggestions on their posters!

We headed home wet and muddy but we sure did get a lot of great work done. Thank you very mulch, Forest Park Elementary!

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