Read All About It!

Written by Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Member, Gina Graziano

Karper Creek is being restored, and we’re going to shout it! Read all about it!

When a group of Middle Schoolers like the one from Mt. View Middle School spend a few hours restoring their nearby creek every month with such enthusiasm, humor, and positivity, we at SOLVE think its worth shouting about!

Students at Mt View Middle have spent one Friday a month planting native trees and shrubs, removing tons of blackberry, coffee bagging plants to protect them from Reed Canary Grass, mulching plants to keep them hydrated this summer and checking out the macroinvertebrates of the site to gain a sense of the water quality. Students have been hard at work.

During our last Green Team activity with Mt View Middle, we distributed newsletters the students wrote up to the community, educating them about the plants in the area, what they can do to help, and why a bunch of middle schoolers come to visit so often. Next, we looked at macroinvertebrates and while we did not find much, we did find some copepods! We were unsure what the very, very small, robotic-looking like bugs were at the time, but upon further investigation we have found them to be one of Plankton’s (the Sponge Bob character) family members! They have one compound, median single eye and use their second pair of antennae as their main source of propulsion.

We returned our macroinvertebrate sample to the creek and gathered together for lunch at our site. A student insisted he needed to grab something from around the corner and came back with pizzas he bought and had delivered to our site to celebrate all of our exciting outings.

Please take a moment to page through the students informative newsletter articles and inspiring reflections in the newsletter! We even have poets in this class who have been published in this year’s Honoring Our River Student Anthology. What an incredible class! Thank you, Mt. View Middle School, for your unbelievable enthusiasm, and contagious positivity. We at SOLVE have been so happy to spend Friday afternoons with you. Can’t wait to see you at the Green Team Student Summit!

Beaverton Creek Trib Newsletter

Thank you, Clean Water Services, for funding this project!

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