King Elementary Says “Farewell” to Abernethy Creek

Written by SOLVE student volunteer, Gavin

On Friday King Elementary’s very own Green Team ventured on their last journey of the year to Abernethy. The kids got to look at what they have accomplished throughout the year when they took a tour of the site to see how everything is doing in the spring sunshine. The invasive reed canary grass was already 4 feet high and it was quite obvious why the plants needed to be coffee-bagged. They did find one good use for the invasive grass: games, and students played a rousing round of “Camouflage!” where students pretended to be mice hiding from a hungry owl. Then they reflected on their work by writing some poems and drawing inspiring art about their time at Abernethy. Afterward the team munched on some delicious cookies as a reward for all their hard work. Throughout the year the Green Team students accomplished much at Abernethy; they learned about unhealthy and healthy streams, coffee bagged to protect young trees from invasive species, planted native trees to give shade to the stream, willow staked to prevent the sides of the stream from eroding, beaver caged to protect the saplings from hungry beavers, mulched native plants to make sure they don’t dry out in the summer, and they examined micro-invertebrates, which showed the health of the stream. All in all the Green Team did their part in making Abernethy a healthy watershed! They achieved much and learned a lot, while having a fun time doing it! Congratulations to the Green Team at King Elementary for all your hard work in making Abernethy Creek the beautiful watershed it deserves to be!

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