Roots & Shoots Spread Environmental Awareness

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Member, Gina Graziano 

It is one thing to understand a watershed, the importance of planting native trees and shrubs, and know the ins and outs of a site, but it is a whole other, wonderful thing to spread that awareness among a community. And we at Green Team believe there are no better voices to do that then the young, hopeful students who have been stewarding their stream over the entire school year! So, that’s exactly what Roots & Shoots did at Ryland Park.

First, students composed a very reflective, creative, and informative newsletter about their work at Council Creek and what it has meant to them. We put it all together with help from Meghan (SOLVE), and printed a very spiffy newsletter. We met up at Ryland Park to pass out this newsletter to community members on both sides of the creek. We hope the community enjoys reading these very inspiring updates about their neighborhood!


Roots & Shoots students, being the incredibly active and aware young people they are, thought this would be the perfect time to educate the neighborhood about storm drain runoff as well! We distributed door hangers with useful information and marked storm drains throughout the neighborhood to remind people that runoff does not simply go “somewhere else,” but right into Council Creek. With so much hard work done at the creek, we would hate to see it being polluted. It is also home to many native animals, like Red Winged Blackbirds, who never cease to sing while we are working in the wetland! Please do all you can to avoid pollution in storm water runoff.

Oh! As if that was not enough, students also picked up trash in the neighborhood to donate to Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School’s endeavor of making a garbage float for the Starlight Parade! This float will also increase environmental awareness and has made our creeks much cleaner.

Roots & Shoots, Council Creek is so much healthier because of each one of you incredible students. Your knowledge of environmental processes and issues will go far and we are so glad you shared it with us at SOLVE.

Thank you, Clean Water Services, for funding this project!

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