Move-Up Day at Evergreen Middle School

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member, Gina Graziano 

Freshmen year came a little early for students at Evergreen Middle School today. Eighth graders walked over to McKay Creek to see what all the hype is about. We heard freshmen at Glencoe High School had been transmogrifying the green space behind their school from a blackberry disaster to a native plant haven and wanted to go check it out. So, we did just that!

We took a tour of the site, saw the evidence of the incredible amount of work the 430 freshmen at Glencoe High School had been doing. Charlie (SOLVE) took students on a plant and wildlife walk near the creek. They learned about the oppositely arranged plants, SAM and TED. Native birds, including juvenile Red-tailed hawks, fluted cries for food in a nearby snag above them. The importance of restoring this habitat was obvious.

So then we grabbed a tool of our choice and destroyed Armenian Blackberry and Morning Glory in the restoration zone. We raced to find the biggest root and make the biggest difference before our time was up. All in all, we filled at least 20 buckets full of blackberry roots and pesky Morning glory vines.

We walked back through the forest, confident our work would contribute to trees as tall and noble as the ones we passed under. These students will be experts in the Glencoe Green Team! We are excited to see you in the fall. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Thank you, Clean Water Services, for funding this project.

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