Three Years at Willow Creek

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Eighth grade students at Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School have just wrapped up their third year of service learning at Willow Creek in Beaverton. Students arrived at the site at the beginning of their sixth grade year and since have been learning about the native plants and wildlife at the site and working to increase their presence.

Students have worked together, mentoring each other, and exploring together to learn about riparian ecology, watersheds, and wildlife. Further, they have turned that knowledge into action, planting native trees and shrubs, maintaining them with coffee bags, mulch, and beaver cages. They have surveyed the vegetation represented on site, the macroinvertebrates in the stream, and even paid special attention to the rough skinned newts and fresh water mussels. These students have developed a keen eye for the natural world and a sincere desire to improve it.

We at SOLVE are so thankful for your three, wonderful years of service learning at Willow Creek. We will miss you and hope you continue to visit the site you have done so much for as you enter high school and continue on.

Last Wednesday students came out to reflect on what the work has meant to them through written and aristic reflections. Students shared stories about falling in the mud, the creek, and more and we laughed and reminisced about the fun we had at Willow Creek.

Be sure to check out the new video staring RCEMS 7th grader!

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