Turning Learning into Action

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna

Village Home, a resource center for home schooling families, turned out in great numbers at Johnson Creek last week.  As part of a new Green Team, most of the group of enthusiastic parents, Village Home teachers, youth and younger siblings had not been to Johnson Creek before, nor had they done blackberry removal.  Though this is the perfect grounds for teaching science to children, especially about stream ecology, it is not rocket science to remove the invasive Rubus armeniacus (Armenian blackberry, that is) when you have the energy and the right tools!

In a  flurry of shovels, loppers and shears, hands, smiles and laughter, Village Home removed close to a 15×20 foot rectangle of what was solid blackberry.   One parent chose to do a little less of a  ferocious, but nonetheless important, task of removing fireweed (the tall red weed with cotton like seeds that spread like crazy).  The amount of work done was astonishing!

Thank you, Village Home, for your hard work and gusto… Johnson Creek thanks you, too!  Welcome to Green Team; we hope you have an awesome experience this year and beyond and really enjoy being a steward of this creek.

~ ~ ~

 “Its a job thats never started that takes the longest to finish.”-J.R.R. Tolkien

~ ~ ~

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