Round 2, Invasives in one corner and Natives in the other

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Member Nicole Poletto

Gladstone High School came out for their second battle with invasive species this morning at Rinearson Creek. Two weeks ago, they diligently removed Blackberry poking up through native plantings and plowed down Reed Canary grass and Deadly Nightshade.  Today was a chance to be even more thorough and to make sure that no invasives are left behind!

After a game of witty Riparian metaphors, the students chose their invasive of choice: Armenian Blackberry, Reed Canary grass, Deadly Nightshade, English Ivy, or Japanese Knotweed, and went to town ripping out roots and cutting them down.  Trees were freed from the grip of Ivy, baby natives were uncovered in a sea of Reed Canary grass, and the stream bank was freed from its invaders.  As students walked back up the hill to return to school, with their rainboots covered in mud, they could look back satisfied on the piles of invasives over 5 feet tall!

I think this round goes to the natives. Thanks for all your hard work Gladstone!

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