Rex Putnam vs. Reed Canary grass

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Member Nicole Poletto

On a beautiful, sunny Monday afternoon Rex Putnam High School students came out to Boardman creek for the first time.  This is the second year of restoration for Boardman wetlands, a site overrun by Reed Canary grass.  Reed Canary grass is very difficult to get rid of due to its root structure and seeds that remain viable for 40 years.  Thus the only way to get rid of Reed Canary is with shade!  Yet, the native plants planted last year were being buried by the dying grass as it began to lay down.

Rex Putnam, armed with grass shears, came to the rescue.  They cut down and ripped out the grass in a radius around the natives.  As more and more grass was cut, more natives were found buried underneath the grass.   Despite the heat, about 100 natives were saved in less than an hour.  Awesome job Rex Putnam!

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