A six-pronged attack on Blackberry

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Written by Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Clackamas High School and Timber Lake Job Corps @ Rock Creek 10-18 and 10-19.

Rock Creek got a full 2 days of much needed attention from the Timber Lake Job Corps and 5 of Mr. Shroufe’s classes from Clackamas High School.  That is a lot of students working together to steward Rock Creek!

The students focused their attention on a section of the hillside facing the threat of landslides.  Since invasives have simple root structures the Armenian Blackberry covering the hillside was causing erosion.  It was high time that this hillside of Blackberry met its doom.

The six groups of students determinedly lopped and pulled Blackberry.  The thorns of the Blackberry tried to put up a fight, but alas, they were no match for the vigor of the students.  Soon all that could be seen on the hillside were the roots before they began to bury underneath the rocky soil.   Despite the rocks, the students will could not be broken as they continued their attack on the Blackberry – there was even a competition to see who could uncover the largest root!

The two day attack was successful and thanks to the hard work of Clackamas High School and Timber Lake Job Corps, the hillside is now cleared and ready to be planted with natives!

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