Reynolds High School goes above and beyond at Beaver Creek

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Member Nicole Poletto

Reynolds High School @ Beaver Creek 10/29/2012

This week a devoted afterschool group of AP Environmental Science students from Reynolds High came out to Beaver Creek to make it healthy and learn at the same time!  We kicked the afternoon off with Riparian metaphors, reviewing aspects of a healthy riparian zone. (Clue: Riparian = “bank side” in Latin.)  There were awesome metaphors for objects such as sponges, piggy banks, and ice cube trays.

It was soon time for invasive removal!  Armenian Blackberry had taken over the stream bank and it was up to us to dig out the roots to make sure that it didn’t come back.  Invasive species like Blackberry have simpler root structures so they can cause a lot of erosion.  Invasives create monocultures, destroying habitat and the shade for the creek, thus warming the water.  The students were inspired by all of these reasons to get rid of Blackberry, especially so that we could plant natives there!

The wildlife of the area did not go unnoticed.  We checked for animal tracks and watched a Blue Heron majestically fly over the creek.  All in all, it was a beautiful day to be outside.  Thanks so much for coming out Reynolds! We are inspired by your dedication to stewarding our environment.

Up next week: Native plant ID and Native planting, stay tuned!!

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