Twinberry, Twinberry, you grow fruit in two, today we learned a lot about you!

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Written by SOLVE Green Team Program Coordinator Meghan Ballard

St. Matthew’s @ Ryland Park (Council Creek) 10/22/2012

A team of very enthusiastic seventh graders from St Matthews students joined us at Council Creek last week for the first time this school year.  Students reminisced about visiting Council Creek last year and noticed some tree and shrub growth from the summer months!

Students first split into two groups; one group went on a plant ID walk with Lauren(SOLVE) while the other group battled Reed Canary grass with Meghan(SOLVE).  Over the summer the invasive Reed Canary grass had grown up around our native trees and shrubs and students worked to give them some much needed breathing room by cutting the grass from around the plantings.

Midway through we had a break in the rain and reflected on our native plant ID lesson.  Students chose their favorite native plant from Lauren’s talk and spent 15 minutes with it, drawing the plant in detail and writing poetry about the plant.  Below are some of our favorite responses!

A student reflection on Twinberry

Twinberry, Twinberry, you grow fruit in two

Today we learned a lot about you.

Berries of blue and leaves of green,

One of the most fantastical plants I’ve ever seen!

The opposite leaves go different ways,

and they are growing bigger over the days.

Dear twinberries I hope I can see you again,

Maybe I could plant you in my garden!

-7th grader, St. Matthews

Ponderosa Pine, oh so divine

With its stems so green

And its base so lean

Soon it will thrive,

And will most likely survive,

With rain drops that are sweet

That will make a good treat,

And the sun so bright

Will make the Ponderosa pine delight

-7th grader, St Matthews

A student reflection on Dogwood

Students did not stop there!  At the end we all joined together as a big group and planted 28 native trees and shrubs!

Thank you St. Matthews!

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