Frankenberry, Phantom Ivy, and Morning Glory Monsters

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member, Nicole Poletto

La Salle High School @ Phillips Creek 10/31/12 and 11/01/12

Once upon a time, there were evil invasives: English Ivy, Reed Canary Grass, Purple Nightshade, and Morning Glory, but the worst of all was Armenian Blackberry.  These invasives silently crept to Phillips Creek, killed the natives, and overtook their kingdom.  They haunted the creek, destabilized the bank, destroyed habitat, and warmed the creek water, until La Salle High School came to the rescue.

On Wednesday, the students worked upstream at an existing restoration site.  The Zombie invasives had come back from the dead and were continuing their efforts to overtake the native kingdom.  The zombies were fairly easy to destroy with shovels, laupers, and even bare hands.  The students the removed invasives from the vicinity and laid them to rest, once and for all.  To ensure the area remained healthy, the students planted more natives such as Sword Fern, Douglas Fir and Elderberry.  A Nutria (invasive) occasionally laid on the banks and watched the students reclaim the Kingdom.

Thursday was an entirely different battle.  The students worked downstream on an area overtaken entirely by Armenian Blackberry (known more commonly to the natives in the Kingdom as Frankenberry).  The students got to work digging out the roots of this spooky invasive to ensure Frankenberry could no longer haunt the area.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than battling the monsters in the Riparian Zone?  Thanks for all of your hard work La Salle!

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