The All-stars of Beaver Creek

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Written by Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Reynolds High School @ Rock Creek on 11.6.12

Three students taking AP Environmental Science at Reynolds High School dedicated their Tuesday evening to improving the health of the riparian zone! (It totally beats doing homework).  We focused on planting natives in an area that had been overtaken by invasive Reed Canary grass.  The only way to get rid of Reed Canary grass is with shade.  Therefore, we planted trees such as Alder, Red Osier Dogwood, and Elderberry that would grow tall and shade out the invasive.  Despite the group’s small number, we still planted 14 trees!  Very impressive.

We also had a potential salmon sighting! The fish swam excitedly up and down the stream, cheering us on.  It was hard to identify the fish at dusk, but we have had salmon in Rock Creek further downstream.  Perhaps they really enjoy the 40 snags that SOLVE placed in Beaver Creek last month!

Thanks Reynolds! We appreciate you dedicating your time afterschool to make our watershed healthier.  See you next month!

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