Village Home: Small, but Mighty!

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Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna

Village Home @ Johnson Creek 11/16/2012

Village Home, still a fairly new Green Team, arrived at Johnson Creek by the masses to plant 72 native shrubs!  By the masses, we mean a small but mighty group of two parents (including Lori, Village Home founder) and three youth, as well as Lauren and Nicole (SOLVE Green Team leaders).  They rocked planting salmonberry, snowberry, sword fern and ninebark near the creek!  Planting in the creek’s riparian zone, now very soggy after the recent Oregon rain storm, required the good ol’ slice method; this means using a shovel to split open a “V” in the mud instead of trying to dig a hole — which is pretty difficult in the mud! — placing the plant in the “V” and then sealing it up by smooshing the mud around the roots of the wetland plant!  The younger kids seemed to like this method!  “Hmm, I think I need the slice method for this one!” was overheard many times.

                                          The native plants of the hour!


Thanks Village Home!  As you said, “Village Home loves to help!”… and Johnson Creek thanks you for your dedication to and joy in restoring it!  keep it up!

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