Reflections on Rinearson Creek

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Written by Meghan Ballard, SOLVE Green Team Program Coordinator

Students from Gladstone High’s first trimester Environmental Science brought the sunshine and enthusiasm to Rinearson Creek for one last class period this school year.  Students got to work fast finishing up planting 20 trees and shrubs (over the fall trimester they’ve planted 100 total!) and removing any remaining blackberries around our plantings.

Afterwards, students took some time to quietly reflect on Rinearson Creek and their trimester of service through creative poetry and drawing.  Below are some of our favorites…

A place so calm but corrupted,

but people like us can fix it.

Each day we plant a new life,

to help save the fish.

Pushing towards a new beginning I remind myself,

I am a student

I am an Oregonian

I am one of hundreds who’s willing to make a difference.

-Gladstone High School Student

I’m surrounded by beauty.

The trickle of the stream is a melody.

In the distance I hear birds chirping.

They sing me a song.  They sing a song in thanks.

The birds than me and my class for helping Rinearson.

-Gladstone High School student

“Planting at Rinearson Creek is so rewarding to me. When I see my peers doing so much good work it makes me have such a flooding sense of hope.  Although we will no longer he here, the memories and rewarding feelings will stay with us always.” – Gladstone High School student

At the start of our work together we had students take a pre test to evaluate their knowledge of riparian health before working with us.  As their last task of the day students completed a post test.  Students learned a lot from their time at Rinearson Creek!

Pre Test Average: 4.55/16 (28%)    Post Test Average: 13.54/16 (85%)

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work and great attitudes this fall Gladstone High School!

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