West Linn High School at Rinearson Creek

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Written by Sam Neverick, Stream Team Captain

“For this tree pun I had to go out on a limb and branch out to some other sources…”

“Those who plant trees be-leaf in the future.”

West Linn High School @ Rinearson Creek on 11.28 – 11.29.2012

Students from West Linn High School came out today and continued from where they left off at Rinearson! Their last visit they removed a plethora of invasive species! But today planted over 125 natives! They not only brought the sun and great planting weather but they got to the ROOT of the problem at the site! They provided shade for our creek, more stable soil, new habitat and food for our lil’critters that may live there.

(Surrounded by the calls of Golden-crowned Kinglets and Bushtits,) they took time with drawing their favorite native plant species, and wrote poetry on them. Here are some of our favorites…


Why do they reach

When death 




They reach. 

Haiku about a cedar

I like the cedar 

It is the very best

  Tree cedar, the tree of life.  

(page with a muddy hand-print) 


…And those are just a few! We cannot wait until we see these guys next time, and what else they’ll bring to our site!

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