An afternoon of planting at Johnson Creek

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Valley Catholic HS @ Johnson Creek on 11.30.12

Even though it was the last day of November, the students were greeted by a relatively warm and clear winter day; perfect weather to plant in!  The students were excited to be out in the fresh air on a Friday afternoon and to continue their stewarding efforts at Johnson Creek.

Before we planted, we learned how to identify native plants by looking at the plant’s lateral buds.  If the arrangement of the buds is opposite, you are in luck!  There are only about 6 natives that we plant that are opposites, and those are our friends SAM and TED.

S: Snowberry                                       T: Twinberry

A: Alder                                                 E: Elderberry

M: Maples                                             D: Dogwood

One alternatively arranged plant that the students were less familiar with was Oceanspray.  In late spring, Oceanspray blooms large white flower plumes that droop from the plant (how it got its name).  Since the wood is so strong, it has historically been used to make nails, arrows, and spears!



We planted 34 plants before it was time to head back to classes and math tests.   Thanks for all of your dedication Valley Catholic!

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