Let’s Get Down to Business to Defeat…. Blackberry!

Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna

Timber Lake Job Corps @ Mt. Scott Creek 12/6/2012

On yet another beautiful clear day, Timber Lake Job Corps made the trek from Estacada to help not only Mt. Scott Creek, but other students as well.  Mt. Scott Creek is BEAUTIFUL, but to make it even more beautiful (and healthier), Spring Mountain Elementary has been removing English Ivy and planting native plants there.  The Job Corps’ goal for the day was to prep an area by the creek so these youngsters could plant more.  This meant chopping down and digging up a solid 30 by 40 foot (maybe bigger!) cluster of invasive Armenian Blackberry… no problem for the Timber Lake!

They literally obliterated whatever blackberry was in their way!  One student dug up 37 root alone!  Another exclaimed that she was “smarter than the average root“!  Boy, was she right!  They even had time to discover and investigate a curious animal skull that they had dug up with the roots.  A cow, a bear?  Maybe a deer.  No on could think of a single animal it looked like….if you know, let us know!

What is this?!?

What is this?!?

They finished the day with enough time to harvest and trim pole cuttings of Pacific Ninebark that the school children will stake.

THANK YOU, Timber Lake!!! You are ALL such hard workers and are SO appreciated, both because of the work you do and the enthusiasm with which you work!

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