Kickin’ it with the Rock Creek Partnership

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Clackamas High School @ Rock Creek on 12.4.2012

Today, the students stepped off the bus with the promise of adventure.  They were going to forge a new path to the site (since Rock creek is now too treacherous to cross) and plant native species on the hillside prone to landslides.  The Blackberry there wasn’t holding the hillside in place (what invasive species are infamous for) so we removed it!  Diverse native trees and shrubs are going to grow fibrous roots and hold onto that soil!

The students were greeted by SOLVE, Kris from Friends of Trees and Becki from Clackamas River Basin Council.  Together, we form the Rock Creek partnership.  The Rock Creek partnership is a group of community-based land stewardship organizations all working together to enhance water quality and habitat in the Rock Creek basin.  We are currently looking for a logo!


What we are looking for: A simple clear logo to represent our work! A circle or square shaped logo that would fit as small as a 2 by 2 inch space (the design needs to be simple enough to fit that space).

Some possible themes for a logo: A stream, native plants, a person planting a tree, or a scene capturing all of those elements! Just something simple and square in shape that also represents our work.

Contest deadline and prize: The winner of the logo contest will be voted on by the Rock Creek Partnership staff on February 1st, 2013. The winning logo designed by a Clackamas High School student will win a bag of goodies.

This contest is also open to the general public, but Clackamas students are still guaranteed to win prizes for their best submission!  Sounds like a win-win to me!  So get those logos in!!! (You can send them to SOLVE or to your teacher!)

Planting the hillside!

Planting the hillside!

Despite the pouring rain, which added to the adventure, we still planted 50 plants!  Way to go Clackamas High School!

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