Deck the halls with native plants!

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna; photos courtesy Tonya Mauk.

City View Charter School 6th grade @ Council Creek 12/10/2012

Working at Council Creek is “a good way to group together and keep Oregon free of invasive species”

~ City View Charter student

It sure its!  the 6th graders at CIty View Charter School definitely helped rid Oregon of invasive species but planting about 60 native shrubs and trees and creating willow and dogwood cuttings that will grow into new shrubs.  The students were greeted by fairly dry weather.  Though invasive, dew-covered English Hawthorn berries added a holiday feel (they are bright red berries)!  Fortunately, the addition of native plants can outweigh the fact that there is an English Hawthorn tree here!

As some students were planting Sitka, Scouler’s and Pacific willows, Pacific ninebark, Black twinberry, Oregon Ash, Black Hawthorn and Douglas Spirea, they gave them some other names like Katniss, Peeta, Cato….. but on this Team (Green Team!), everyone is a winner!

After planting and harvesting, trimming and installing willow and dogwood cuttings, everyone got to share a few words about their experience at Council Creek so far.  Some favorites:



        important                          heroic

Thank you City View Charter for planting and staking Council Creek.  The deer we saw last time will thank you, too!

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